Steering Group

Steering group Meeting of the steering group

The steering group, to which all three project partners belong, oversees and steers the entire implementation process in order to guarantee, to the maximum extent possible, the fulfillment of the project objective related to quality, costs and time at each stage of the process.

To this end, the steering group meets at least once a quarter to exchange information on the project progress and to make relevant decisions. The minutes from these meetings constitute a part of the quarterly reports and applications for subsidies.

Stiftung Stift Neuzelle
Norbert Kannowsky
Antje Zimdars-Weigelt
Ilka Bretag (finances)
European Foundation for Education and Culture
Karl Fisher
Arleta Czyz
Anna Duchnicka
Zdzislaw Strach (finances)
Dr. P. Rahn & Partner
gemeinnützige Schulgesellschaft mbH
Gotthard Dittrich
Sven Budach
Dr. Bozena Kempa
Sven Höhne (finances)