• 21.09.2013: Meeting of the School Board of the European Foundation For Culture and Education After four years of fruitful cooperation, this was the last meeting of the school board in the existing composition. By Autumn, Mr. Gotthard Dittrich – Chairman of the Council of the Foundation will have established a new composition of the school board for the next four years. The presentation of positive balance sheets had a big ...
  • 02.09.2013: Opening of the European Primary School in Zielona Góra Owing to the establishment of the third school at the headquarter of the European Foundation for Education and Culture at 36 Sienkiewicza Street in Zielona Góra, the course of the process of general education has been ensured at a single place, through all the education levels, starting from the first form of the primary school ...
  • 11.06.2013: Visit in the Polish Embassy Students from Zielona Góra and Neuzelle visited the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Berlin as part of the school trip. They were officially welcomed by Wojciech Bordin, Teaching Expert, who told them all about the Polish-German cooperation. The pupils asked may questions and the meeting turned into an interesting discussion. It was most ...
  • 04.06.2013: Charity Run in the Botanic Garden Students of Polish partner schools prepared a charity run for the integration sport association “Zielona”. Students from the educational bridge took part in running in the Botanic Garden district in Zielona Góra.  
  • 24.-25.05.2013: Education for play and activity The Polish part of the project prepared and did the teacher training. Educators from both partner schools not only debated about effective learning through play and activity but also prepared future Polish-German educational bridge projects.  
  • 18.-21.04.2013: Students from Germany take a part in Polish classes German students from Neuzelle spent a few days at the Polish school in Zielona Góra, where they took a part in studying and school life for a week.  
  • 09.04.2013: Sports Day Playing football, badminton and shooting a bow, were the highlights of a sports day in Zielona Góra and Drzonków. Students formed Polish-German teams. The sport play focused on common fun and integration.  
  • 13.02.2013: Take your own photo of the cross-educational bridge In photo workshops, students of the German and Polish educational bridge schools prepared a photo description of the Polish-German educational bridge projects. To write the description and prepare photos, students have to demonstrate knowledge of computers and also artistic creativity. Their work were presented at a school exhibition in Zielona Góra.  
  • 28.02.2013: Photos of city Students from partner schools in Zielona Góra and Neuzelle met together in photo workshops. They took photos of Zielona Góra’s neighborhoods and landscapes. The photo series will be presented in both schools.