Designing Open Spaces in Zielona Góra

Students in Zielona GóraClassroom in Zielona Góra School yard of the Europejskie Gimnazjum i Liceum

In September 2008 the Europejskie Gimnazjum Społeczne dr Rahn and the Europejskie Liceum Społeczne dr Rahn financed by the European Foundation for Education and Culture were opened in Zielona Góra. After their extension, 108 students in the Gimnazjum and 45 students in the Liceum are to be taught by ca. 34 teachers. While the building itself was renovated and very attractively designed, the attached open spaces have not been developed yet and therefore do not fulfill any functions. The present atmosphere for the students and teachers is poor. With regard to the intended school cooperation between the Gimnazjum and the Liceum and the Gymnasium und Oberschule im Stift Neuzelle as well as many planned German-Polish meetings during sport and leisure activities, the expansion and development of the outdoor facilities are much-needed in order to provide a functional and attractive environment for outdoor activities. The expansion and attractive development of the outdoor facilities are of paramount importance for the public image of the Gimnazjum and the Liceum as well as for the identification of their students with the school. The attractive design of the outdoor facilities will have a positive impact on the urban environment.

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