Neuzelle – Zielona Góra Pedagogical Concept

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At the time of the founding of the Dr. P. Rahn & Partner Schools in Stift Neuzelle in 2003, the concept of the German-Polish orientation of the schools already had priority. The school authorities and the foundation obligated themselves to the model implementation of the European idea that cooperation between the schools should contribute to the development of the cross-border cooperation by allowing more frequent encounters between the students and teachers. For this purpose the schools have devised a multi-level Concept of cross-border pedagogical cooperation which should be tested and later on integrated into the school development plan on an ongoing basis, in parallel with carrying out building work at the schools in Neuzelle and Zielona Góra. In doing so, particular emphasis is placed on the idea of reconciliation and the elimination of prejudices through meetings aimed at support of the integration between the border areas and intercultural dialogue. As additional travel, care and accommodation costs as well as other material costs arise from such cross-border encounters, the application includes financing such activities within the framework of the project. In order to be able to provide foreign language training within the Polish-German encounters, the Gimnazjum and the Liceum in Zielona Góra need to be equipped with a language lab, and the Gymnasium and Oberschule in Stift Neuzelle need to be provided with a multimedia meeting room.

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