Renovation of the Cloister Building in Neuzelle

Atrium of the cloister buildingNew libraryBoarding school’s building auf dem Priorsberg

The school traditions in Neuzelle Abbey date back to the 17th century, though the first grammar school was founded there by the monks in the 18th century. After the political turn-around, in 1991, the Oder-Spree district established a German-Polish Gymnasium in Neuzelle Abbey with a boarding school. The first Polish students arrived in 1992. Since the school year 2003/04 the upper floors of the cloister building in Neuzelle Abbey have served as a school building for the Gymnasium im Stift Neuzelle with a German-Polish orientation and an international focus. The school authority is Dr. P. Rahn & Partner Schulen in freier Trägerschaft gemeinnützige Schulgesellschaft mbH, and the owner and landlord of the building is the Stiftung Stift Neuzelle Foundation. The establishment of the grammar school, secondary school and boarding school has led to the emergence of an educational center in Neuzelle Abbey, which is recognized as an international school. In the school year 2012/13, the school in Neuzelle was attended by 480 students from six countries. The cloister building, which was built in the 14th century, was last reconstructed for schooling purposes in 1893, after a major fire, and since that time it has been used as an educational establishment without any fundamental modifications to the interior or exterior. Both the building envelope as well as the current state of the building do not fulfill present energy saving, technical, fire protection and functional requirements of a modern school. Work which is to be carried out progressively without disrupting the normal school routine should contribute to the optimization of learning conditions for students and teaching conditions for teachers, and to the improvement of the quality of life in an all-day school. The transformation of the auditorium into a multi-purpose room with the possibility of dividing that room, and providing a stage creates new possibilities for performing arts, musical performances, school events and celebrations. The school will become a lively learning and meeting place. At the same time, the renovation work will enhance the importance of the complex as a cultural monument in terms of the construction and the traditional use, as well as improving the overall appearance of the Stift Neuzelle monastery complex. The historical surroundings offer not only a stimulating environment for school life but also allow for the identification with the place and its long history. In recent years it was possible to renovate other buildings of the school and the boarding school. The former wine grower’s house auf dem Priorsberg was developed into a boarding school for 43 students, and a canteen and school and office rooms were established in the orphanage (funding within Interreg IIIa). Currently another 23 accommodation spaces were created in the riding stable building (funding within ELER). After 2015 additional boarding school, working and breakout rooms are to be created in the office building.

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