Building Bridges

Project locationsSigning of the agreement on 14th September 2012Of the publicly funded German-Polish school projects and partnerships which existed until 2003, only the Gymnasium im Stift Neuzelle offers exchange programs with a Polish educational partner as well as accommodation in a boarding school for Polish students, which exceed the basic schooling offer. The school is also a meeting place for Polish and German students and teachers, where they can experience living and learning together. The potential of these projects has not been fully exploited yet. The aim of the German-Polish Educational Bridge Neuzelle – Zielona Góra project is to create the conditions needed for Europejskie Gimnazjum Społeczne dr Rahn and Europejskie Liceum Społeczne dr Rahn in Zielona Góra to contribute to the common development of the Brandenburg-Lubusz border area within the context of a long-term school partnership. The improvement of infrastructure both in Germany and in Poland as well as an integrated pedagogical concept should improve the learning and teaching conditions at the schools, create an intercultural meeting place and develop cross-border cooperation between the schools and put it into a new institutional context. The prerequisite for the fulfillment of the German-Polish Educational Bridge is the improvement of infrastructure at schools, whereby it will improve conditions for teaching, learning and accommodation. Intercultural learning and coexistence should be facilitated at schools and boarding facilities on an ongoing basis.