Creating Meeting Places

Students dinning together German-Polish Theatre ProjectBoring classrooms in endless corridors are a thing of the past. Long ago it was realized that successful learning as well as the prevention of violence, tolerance and community spirit depend on the learning environment. Taking into account functional, aesthetic and pedagogical considerations, today classrooms and learning spaces are designed as living areas which are an important part of the integrated humanistic education. Not only teachers and students, but also parents should find optimal learning and living spaces at schools in Neuzelle and Zielona Góra. The historical buildings and facilities of the Neuzelle Abbey offer excellent conditions for learning, living and working in historical spaces. In recent years it was possible to carry out renovation and modernization work in the boarding school on Priorsberg, located in the former wine grower’s house belonging to the Neuzelle Abbey, and in the canteen and classrooms in the former orphanage; this work is presented in the catalogue of projects to re-establish and revitalize the historical monastery complex. Main investment and construction tasks include organizing classrooms in the cloister building built in the 14th century, creating further possibilities for accommodation in the riding stable and in the office building, as well as development of the outdoor facilities. They should contribute to the development of the school premises and to make them competitive with other historical school premises at the European level. The Liceum and Gimnazjum in Zielona Góra are located in a building complex which was built in 1960 and was commissioned after its comprehensive renovation in September 2008. Renovation work was financed by the Rahn Dittrich Group. At present, the students and teachers have very good conditions there, both for learning and teaching. However, the outdoor facilities need further development and renovation in order to create attractive places for meetings and joint activities also beyond the premises.