Crossing Borders

The group at the Oder dam

Kneeling in front of the Warsaw Ghetto memorial in December 1970 the Chancellor, Willy Brandt, created history and initiated reconciliation between Germans and Poles. Meanwhile, on both sides of the rivers Oder and Neisse, a new generation has grown up free from the consequences of both world wars and the Cold War and has learned to meet in a friendly manner. In a new “House of Europe”, students, parents and teachers strive to cross borders and to live in a community. Particularly in the Oder-Neisse border area we are called to create a common living space for us as well as for future generations.

Since 2003 the Foundation Stiftung Stift Neuzelle and the school authorities of the Gymnasium im Stift Neuzelle – Dr. P. Rahn & Partner Schulen in freier Trägerschaft gemeinnützige Schulgesellschaft mbH – have pursued a common goal of continuing a long schooling and cultural tradition in the Neuzelle Abbey, bringing new life there and perfectly manifesting the European idea within the border area. This objective includes running a Polish-German secondary school in Neuzelle and developing cross-border cooperation with partner schools in Zielona Góra financed by the European Foundation for Education and Culture.

The development of an educational bridge between the Gymnasium und Oberschule im Stift Neuzelle and the Europejskie Gimnazjum Społeczne dr Rahn and the Europejskie Liceum Społeczne dr Rahn in Zielona Góra should contribute to the creation of infrastructural and institutional foundations for a strong knowledge exchange between students and teachers.